CANDYLAND, April 2013

DOCUMENTATION FROM WORKSHOP AT CANDYLAND, STOCKHOLM, APRIL 2013. We held a 18 days workshop where we and twenty other participants used an experimental method in neuroscience known as the “God helmet” to reach an altered state. The sessions took place in total darkness in a soundproof booth in the gallery. Each session lasted for one hour and the participants did one, two or three sessions with the helmet.

Exposed through the window of the gallery the enclosed scientific laboratory was opened up and displayed as sculptural object, installation and performance. The scientific experiment became a theater play at the same time as it was for real. The silver booth became a film camera and a movie theater when the participants projected their inner pictures and emotions in the darkness.

We documented the workshop by placing a recorder in the booth directly after each session asking the participant to describe what had happened during the hour with the helmet. The workshop ended with a finissage where visitors could listen to the recordings from the workshop.