DOCUMENTATION FROM WORKSHOP AT DANSENS HUS, STOCKHOLM, FEBRUARY. We held a six days workshop together with Karina Dichov Lund and Emma Nordanfors from the Danish choreograph collective E.K.K.O and dancers Andrea Deres and Pontus Petersson. The workshop was documented by cinematographer Erik Vallsten.

A note from the choreographers: “The aim of the workshop was to distinguish and to organize movements from filmed sequences of ecstasy from different cultures. We worked with copying the movements as exactly as possible, to get the timing right, the quality of the movements and how the movements are initiated. Looking at the clips over and over again together with the dancers we tried to reach a joint decision about what we are actually seeing people do in the clip. This was re-enacted by the dancers in the studio. We also put different material together to see how the clips contrasted with and influenced each other. Other try-outs of methods included instant copying as well as improvisation over single movements.”